History of Yangshan Free Trade Port Area

Efficient Management Service

Yangshan Free Trade Port Area Rep. Office, Bonded Areas Office, China (SH) Pilot FTZ Admin., on behalf of Bonded Areas Office, coordinates the efforts of authorities and development companies, implements or coordinates related administrative affairs of Yangshan Free Trade Port Area, implements regional economic goals, takes charge of regional investment attraction, enterprises stabilization and cultivation, leads trade facilitation and function expansion, carries out specific tasks relating to key projects, and finishes tasks given by the Administration. Port service office, customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, maritime safety administration, immigration inspection station, port management, police, industry and commerce administration, taxation administration, quality supervision administration all have their branches, office or service window in YSFTPA.

Yangshan Port Clearance Center and Comprehensive Services Hall are established to provide efficient services for enterprises and investors. The main developers of the area are Shanghai Tongsheng Logistics Park Investment & Development Co Ltd, Shanghai Free Trade Zone United Development Co Ltd and Shanghai Tongsheng Investment (Group) Property Management Co Ltd.

Lingang Group and Tongsheng Group established subsidiaries for infrastructure construction in the area. Shengdong Co is in charge of port operations of first- and second-phase docks, and Guandong Co runs the third-phase dock. The official website of YSFTPA www.ysftpa.net is online, and has the functions of information release, investment guide, and consultation services.

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